Hudson visited the Low Countries in 1748 and Italy in 1752. In 1753 he bought a house at Cross Deep, Twickenham, just upstream from Pope`s Villa.  He retired toward the end of the 1750s, dying at Twickenham in 1779. His extensive private art collection was sold off in three separate sales.Thomas Hudson was one of Englandís most celebrated 18th Century portrait painters who painted the great and good of London society. He was a gifted teacher and taught a whole generation of artists including Joseph Wright of Derby and Joshua Reynolds.
Hudson moved to London to study under the painter Jonathan Richardson. He even married Richardsonís daughter. By 1740 Hudsonís glamorous, formal style of portraiture was so popular that celebrities and members of the Royal Family were queuing up to commission him. He painted in a style known as Rococo which was very decorative and flattering to the sitter. Hudson made a small fortune from portraits and become an art collector himself.Hudson held his position as the capitalís most popular portraitist for a decade. But competition from his own students led to his work gradually falling out of favour. He lost many clients to Reynolds and other former students and withdrew from the scene in the 1750s.Hudsonís most notable works include portraits of King George II and George Friedrich Handel, and his Portrait Of A Nobleman In Van Dyck Dress